We can offer various shipping options. Please kindly see details of our shipping options here.

We understand you wish to save shipping cost. We'll help you find the most reasonable shipping option for you.

Below is the quick chart for shipping options by 'Delivery Speed' and 'Package Weight'.

Please note that each option has its conditions depending on the country we're shipping to.

Please also note that we should be looking at the max size, not the max weight, for light but bulky product like Kracie Candies.

You can take insurance and tracking service for your shipment. Some of these shipping options include insurance and tracking.

Please let us know your priority for shipping options, whether it's price, speed or safety. We'll find you the best possible option for you.

Please feel free to ask any questions via contact form.

Shipping Chart

↑Fast in a week around a month ↓Slow
Express Mail Service (EMS)
Small Packet (Air)
International Parcel (Air)
International Parcel (Surface)
← Small 2.0 kg about 10.0 kg Large →

You can make payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Considering all the transaction fees, bank transfer would be cheaper than PayPal if your payment exceeds around 100,000JPY. Payment by bank transfer needs to be made in Japanese Yen. Remittance fee is to be paid by the customer. Incoming remittance fee of 2,000JPY in Japan is also to be paid by the customer.

Please let us know that you wish to place an order via contact form. We’ll send you a massage with all the information you need.

Usually, no. We ask customer to order at least 10 pieces per product for wholesale transaction. However, we understand you may be concerned with many aspects for your first order such as our credibility, shipping cost, delivery time and many more. Therefore, we accept the first time customer for Kracie candies to purchase at least 10 pieces of any Kracie candies. Usually, minimum 10 pieces per product are required for the wholesale orders. But if you’re the first time customer who orders the Kracie candies, you can order 10 different products. Please make the order to include at least 10 pieces in different flavor. This is a special offer for the first time customer who orders the Kracie candies only. We are unable to do the same for stationery or any other products.

We are very sorry that we serve retailers only as our wholesale transaction has a minimum order quantity. We do have other shopping site available for individual customers where there’s no minimum order required. Please let us know via contact form.

It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does you’ll need to ask your local Post Office to provide you a damage report of your package. We’ll do the same to Japan Post. They’ll investigate the situation, and if any mishandling of the package is found, they’ll compensate partially or fully in accordance with the declared value of the package.

Yes, if you are charged by the customs of your country. Whether you’re charged the customs fee depends on the country and most importantly the total value of the package.

Of course, we accept any type or format of orders by CSV, Excel and so on!

No. You pay for the item cost, PayPal transaction fee if you’re paying by PayPal and international shipping fee. We don’t charge you a commission or handling fee for us.

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